Ship info : Mamba Raider - M3 (Albion Prelude)

A long serving and deadly fighter developed by the Split Military. It has been only in recent jazuras that this ship has been made public The current Split Patriarch has a small fleet of these ships that act as escort ships that accompany the primary destroyer of the fleet. In the hands of an experienced pilot, this ship can survive the darkest of battles, because of the ships high speed he can avoid most of laser beams and missiles.
General informations
Race :
Class :
Technical informations
Basic speed :
106.70 m/s
Maximum speed :
266.75 m/s
Acceleration :
27.27 m/s²
Yaw :
Pitch :
Roll :
Max. type shield :
1 x Shield 25MJ
Shield generator :
715 MW
Max laser energy :
5000 MJ
Laser energy recharge rate :
125 MW
Basic capacity of the cargo :
75 units
Maximum capacity of the cargo :
201 units
Class of transport of wares :
Minimum notoriety :
Weapon systems
Compatible missiles (19)