Laser info : Mass Driver (Albion Prelude)

This weapon is unique in that it is the only type of non-energy based projectile weapon available. It consists of a rapid feed multi barrelled cannon, which is capable of delivering a large number of small projectiles to its target in a short period of time.(||) It inflicts damage not due power of individual projectiles but because of the large numbers of projectiles delivered. Due to the unique nature of this weapon's ammunition it has almost no effect on a ship's shields but instead delivers heavy damage directly to the target's hull. It also causes very little power drain due to the fact that its ammunition supplies all energy requirements. Currently the weapon can only be fitted to Argon and split ships as they are the only ships that can accommodate the ammunition feed system. The true power of this weapon comes from its ammunition.
Technical informations
Hull damage :
185 K
Shield damage :
0 K
Range :
997 km
Rate of fire :
740 shoot/min
Speed :
739 m/s
Maximum energy :
400 MJ
Energy consumption :
12 /s
Details of the wares
Volume of the wares :
Container class :
Minimum price :
Average price :
Maximum price :
Minimum notoriety :
Compatible with known ships
Argon (51)
Split (32)
Teladi (3)
Pirates (8)
Goner (2)
Friend race (1)
Yaki (6)