Ship info : Pirate Falcon - M3 (New Horizons)

The Teladi Falcon fighter is a hybrid between the old Argon Elite and the Boron Piranha, with some Split technology thrown in for good measure. It is fast, well armed and can be found operating in most sectors It is suspected that some of these ships have been leased by the Teladi Company Space Fleet to operate on behalf of the pirates, although to date no actual proof of this agreement can be established.
General informations
Race :
Class :
Technical informations
Basic speed :
56.70 m/s
Maximum speed :
130.41 m/s
Acceleration :
14.45 m/s²
Yaw :
Pitch :
Roll :
Max. type shield :
2 x Shield 25MJ
Shield generator :
570 MW
Max laser energy :
4100 MJ
Laser energy recharge rate :
103 MW
Basic capacity of the cargo :
124 units
Maximum capacity of the cargo :
374 units
Class of transport of wares :
Minimum notoriety :
Weapon systems
Compatible missiles (20)