Ship info : Cormorant - M7 (Albion Prelude)

The Cormorant is the Teladi Company's response to the recent drone frigate trend that has taken the Commonwealth militaries by storm Cheap, rough, sturdy and completely devoid of any aesthetic embellishment, the Cormorant fulfils its major function of drone management without any unnecessary fuss. Though construction quality is estimated to be extremely low, there are as yet no known cases of these ships spontaneously exploding in flight. The Teladi military has purchased a number of Cormorants, but the main purpose of this ship is to fill a market niche, which is the one task it completely fulfils.
General informations
Race :
Class :
Technical informations
Basic speed :
67.70 m/s
Maximum speed :
115.09 m/s
Acceleration :
3.00 m/s²
Yaw :
Pitch :
Roll :
Max. type shield :
3 x Shield 200MJ
Shield generator :
3500 MW
Max laser energy :
10000 MJ
Laser energy recharge rate :
500 MW
Basic capacity of the cargo :
6500 units
Maximum capacity of the cargo :
8000 units
Class of transport of wares :
Minimum notoriety :
Hangar :
12 ships
Weapon systems
Compatible missiles (14)