Ship info : Ariadne - M7 (Albion Prelude)

Following the trend of employing drone carriers in border patrol duty, a strategy established by the Argon with their successful Griffon prototype, the Paranid Empire issued an order for a drone frigate design of their own. Superior to the early Griffon variants in every way, the current Ariadne, the result of several months of corporate espionage and outright plagiarism, is indeed a vastly improved version of the Argon prototype Unfortunately, the Ariadne is still considered very much a work in progress, and retains a number of issues that would not appear in a more polished, finalised version. Due to pressure from the Priest Kings, the prototype Ariadne blueprints were sent to all major Paranid shipyards before the actual ship could be put through field tests. Nevertheless, the military has not reported any major issues with the ship as yet, so for all intents and purposes, it is a bona fide drone frigate, well worth its price.
General informations
Race :
Class :
Technical informations
Basic speed :
67.80 m/s
Maximum speed :
122.04 m/s
Acceleration :
5.24 m/s²
Yaw :
Pitch :
Roll :
Max. type shield :
4 x Shield 200MJ
Shield generator :
2000 MW
Max laser energy :
14000 MJ
Laser energy recharge rate :
700 MW
Basic capacity of the cargo :
2500 units
Maximum capacity of the cargo :
3500 units
Class of transport of wares :
Minimum notoriety :
Hangar :
24 ships
Weapon systems
Compatible laser
Central (4)
Front turret (4)
Rear turret (4)
Above turret (4)
Below turret (4)
Names of lasers
Compatible missiles (14)