Ship info : Ranger - Goner ship (Albion Prelude)

The Goner Ranger is one of few ships known to be in use by the Goners. Due to the peaceful nature of the Goners this ship holds no weaponry. The Ranger is quite fast and is also considered to be a good short-range freighter due to its cargo space. It is also capable of holding shields compatible with some M3 fighters. You will probably see this ship roaming the sectors spreading the word of the Goners and R.Gunne.
General informations
Race :
Class :
Goner ship
Technical informations
Basic speed :
28.10 m/s
Maximum speed :
84.30 m/s
Acceleration :
2.53 m/s²
Yaw :
Pitch :
Roll :
Max. type shield :
1 x Shield 200MJ
Shield generator :
104 MW
Max laser energy :
0 MJ
Laser energy recharge rate :
0 MW
Basic capacity of the cargo :
180 units
Maximum capacity of the cargo :
430 units
Class of transport of wares :
Minimum notoriety :
Weapon systems
No compatible lasers
No compatible missiles