Infos : Hornet Missile (New Horizons)

The Hornet Class Missile is the most powerful weapon known today. The gigantic resources needed to produce this monster also make it extremely expensive.(||) The missile works by setting off a small nuclear charge causing a reaction between three differing elements that are then combined on impact to create a large explosion powerful enough to disrupt even the largest shields. The hornet is, on the other side, the slowest of the known missiles, and is best used against immobile or slow moving targets.
Technical informations
Maximum damage :
200000 K
Speed :
186 m/s
Range :
31231 km
Shooting interval :
25000 ms
Missile lifetime :
168 s
Missile type :
Requires a target
Details of the wares
Volume of the wares :
Container class :
Minimum price :
Average price :
Maximum price :
Minimum notoriety :
Compatible with known ships
Argon (25)
Boron (9)
Split (20)
Paranide (21)
Teladi (33)
Xenon (12)
Pirates (4)
Goner (1)
Yaki (8)