Laser info : Photon Pulse Cannon (New Horizons)

A deadly weapon found on most corvettes, destroyers and Carriers. First developed by Professor Jo Bydnah of the Argon, the Photon Pulse Cannon became a favourite of the argon Military, who then sold the original designs on to the other races. This type of weapon is extremely powerful, and can only be fitted on the larger Capital craft.(||) It works by sending highly charged photon radiation through a series of coils, that multiplies the charge, creating a very deadly pulse of radiation.
Technical informations
Hull damage :
8200 K
Shield damage :
46500 K
Range :
6620 km
Rate of fire :
43 shoot/min
Speed :
333 m/s
Maximum energy :
4000 MJ
Energy consumption :
420 /s
Details of the wares
Volume of the wares :
Container class :
Minimum price :
Average price :
Maximum price :
Minimum notoriety :
Compatible with known ships